10th NOVEMBER 2022, 12:30 – 13:10 | MESSE LUZERN | LIVESTREAM

6.25 FPH credits in hospital pharmacy


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    PART 1 – 20 MIN.

    Specificity of mechanosensitive liposomes: current and future challenges. Dr Thierry Fumeaux, CEO & CMO, Acthera Therapeutics Ltd, Basel.

    Acthera Therapeutics is a Basel-based biotech startup, developing a unique type of mechano-sensitive hard-shelled liposomes (HSL), enabling the controlled and targeted delivery of drugs. The HSL release their cargo when submitted to mechanical stress, such as pathological shear stress, or generated by external tiggers such as laser or ultrasound. By combining various types of active pharmaceutical ingredients (small molecules, nucleic acides, biologics) with this unique characteristic of the HSL, Acthera is developing a platform with a high potential to increase the efficiency of drugs in various therapeutics areas.

    Developing a platform based on a lipid nanotechnology is however a complex project, with many challenges for a small company. Dr Fumeaux, the CEO of Acthera, will address some of these challenges associated with R&D focusing, regulation, manufacturing upscaling & formulation, but also with funding & financing and partnership identification.

    PART 2 – 20 MIN.

    Advances in nanomedicine design: multidisciplinary strategies for unmet medical needs.
    Dr Peter Wick, Head Particles-Biology Interactions, Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, St-Gallen.

    Nanomedicine, the use of nanoscaled material in medicine, has a tremendous impact on innovative health solutions beyond solid lipid-based mRNA vaccines. Nanotechnology allows the first time the design of nanomaterials which are at the same size scale as the building blocks of life, proteins, membrane or DNA. This enables unprecedented opportunities to interfere diseases at the place of origin. This talk will provide some background knowledge about the history, concepts, developments but also the challenges of this rather new research and therapy field.